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Awesome question.

Seo.Skyul.com offers search volume and CPC for millions of keywords. Why is that so important? Having accurate search volume for keywords is the cornerstone of a successful website!
There are hundreds of thousands of possible keywords that users are missing out on, simply becuase they don't know how many people search for it. Combine that with the ability to pull competitor information within that keyword instantly, it becomes a mixture of gooey awesomeness

Feature Updates are bugfixes and modules that add to the user's experience.
Down the road, we will be adding very large updates to the website. Unlike other websites that makes you increase your subscription price to use these other services, we just put a small price tag on them. You keep your monthly subscription price the same as the day you signed on, and don't have to pay for services you don't want or use. It's a SEO subscription service that is as unique as you.

There are a lot of ways to request a feature.
The easiest way to click this magic button ---> Magic

Pre-Sale Questions

The trial subscription is a way to offer services of seo.skyul.com on a day to day basis